About Towing Star Company

Working in the Houston community is a privilege! That’s what we believe here at Towing Star, it’s what powers our desire to excel in service as we’ve provided our towing services for all these years. Being a part of a community and providing a service that helps keep things rolling along is a 24-hour commitment that we are devoted to. From our long distance towing to our night and day roadside assistance services there’s nothing we won’t do to help Houston drivers out when they’re in need. That’s what sets us apart from the competition– that, and the team of excellent drivers and dispatchers that do the heavy lifting.

24/7 Dispatch- The Heart of Towing Star

Our service to you begins where everything begins, with the 24-hour dispatchers working here at Towing Star. When it comes to being a service company, there is no way a business can function without connecting with the people who need us. This is why we never underestimate the significant role our dispatchers play. As a towing company, we need to know that the drivers who need us can get ahold of us and that their call for help will be redirected to our towing technicians so that we can respond within our 30-minute response time. The work of a dispatcher is long and detailed, and our dispatchers are the best!

Technicians- The Muscle

We know our technicians are the muscle of the team, but that’s because they exercise the most important muscle of all – the brain! Our technicians are hand-picked for their experience in the field and their aptitude for the detailed work we do. Hooking up a vehicle may seem simple, but our technicians provide dozens of services that require in depth training, as well as maintaining a working knowledge of basic vehicle mechanics. The technicians here at Towing Star are highly trained, licensed and fully insured so that their safety, your safety, and your car’s safety is ensured.

All About You

That’s pretty much what there is to know about us! We’re hard working, happy to help people and we decided long ago that our work is really all about you! Whether you’re stranded on the side of the road or you’ve gotten into an accident you can count on Towing Star of Houston to be here for you! We’ll do our best to make your experience as stress free as possible!