Roadside Assistance Houston TX

Of all the towing services we provide here at Towing Star, we definitely prefer some services over others. Our favorite towing services would be those which we offer where the experience doesn’t end with us towing someone away, but with a Houston driver and their car driving off under it’s own power once more. In the years we’ve served the Houston community we have expanded our roadside assistance services to encompass all the skills and services available to help resolve car troubles right there on the side of the road so that you can be on your way again. These services include gas tank refill, flat tire fixes, dead battery jumpstarts, and car lockout solutions. Our roadside assistance services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. No matter when or where you can count on our highly trained technicians to get you out of a pickle within 30 minutes of your call.
Our Services

Car Lockout Resolution

Keys get lost or broken every day, so much that we’re certain it will happen to every driver at least once in their life, and chances are it will happen more often than you’d like. When a key is lost or broken you can call for a locksmith, but he can take a long time to arrive, and his prices can be expensive. Our technicians can pick locks, pop locks and unjam locks quickly and professionally. Additionally, our technicians can help cut a brand new replacement key ON THE SPOT! Our technicians can even help replace a lost transponder key, reprogramming the car or the key so that it’s good as new.

Flat Tire Repair

Flat tires can happen unexpectedly. On the highway it can be dangerous to get out and try to fix your tire by yourself, it’s also a filthy job. Instead of getting your hands dirty you can call our professional technicians who have the tools necessary to get the job done quickly. Plus with hazard lights and a huge wrecker parked behind you the job is a lot safer.

Dead Battery Jumpstart

Stranded in the dark parking lot because you left the lights on is no fun. Calling a friend or family member to come and rescue you is incredibly inconvenient, not to mention the fact that it’s dangerous to jumpstart a car if you don’t do it properly. Instead, let Towing Star Houston technicians respond to your call for help. Jumpstarting a car is easy and 100% safe when you allow a professional to do it.

Gas Filling: When you run out of gas on the side of the road don’t waste time hoofing it to the nearest service station. Our technicians can deliver the gas you need, and get you on your way to a filling station without further ado.

Towing Star has got your back Houston! When you drive away without our help we consider it a job well done!