Car Lockout in Houston Texas

Car lockout is trouble, trust us, we know, it strikes at least once in every driver’s life and when it does it can stop everything in its tracks. Here at Towing Star we know when car lockout happens many people don’t know what to do because locksmiths and car dealers are expensive, and DIY solutions can be a hazard with bad results. So we hope that if car lockout happens to you, you’ll know to pick up the phone and call for help from Towing Star your local towing service. Car lockout is one of our expert roadside assistance services, and with the right tools and training it’s an easy fix. Whether you’ve got a broken key, you lost a key or you need a transponder key programmed call Towing Star for your car lockout solutions.

Broken Key Extraction and Replacement

When a key get’s broken in the door or ignition it’s very important to call for professional help. Trying to extract a key without the right tools can damage the lock or ignition, and afterwards repair is even more expensive than just extraction fees. Our technicians are happy to provide quick extraction service of broken keys and afterwards of course they can help replace that key on-the-spot! Our key replacement services include mechanical keys, laser-cut keys, sidewinder keys, and transponder keys.

Lost Key Replacement

Instead of calling for a locksmith when you need a lost key replaced isn’t necessary when you’ve got Towing Star in your phone book. Our technicians not only arrive within 30 minutes of your call, but they are expert at cutting duplicates and replacement keys. Additionally our technicians are trained at picking locks and popping locks in case your key isn’t locked but is just trapped inside your car where you can’t get to it.

Transponder Key Replacement

Transponder keys are keys with computer chips inside the head that communicate to the car a mobilization code. Transponder keys are part of most car’s passive security system and without them many cars can’t be unlocked let alone driven. Dealerships will tell you they hold the monopoly on transponder key reprogramming and replacement, but it’s not true. As a matter of fact our technicians can provide you with quality transponder programming and replacement for a fraction of the cost and we’ll provide the service quickly and professionally.

If you find yourself the victim of car lockout, don’t sweat the small stuff, just call Towing Star and we’ll help get you back in your car in minutes!