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Towing Star is the number one towing company in Houston that car owners turn to whenever they have to face serious technical problems while out on the road.

One of the serious and most common car problems car owners usually face are having to replace dead batteries that won’t work after having been jumpstarted. Old batteries typically need replacing after 2-3 years, and most car owners are already aware of this. However, it’s still a major hassle when you like to travel or go on long drives a lot, and your battery suddenly dies on you when you’re in the middle of a long road trip.

Although some people may already have spare batteries stashed in their trunks for when these things happen (and more often than not, they also know how to replace batteries themselves), most often don’t. So if you find yourself in a situation such as this, your best option is to call us right away!

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If you’re wanting to replace an old battery but can’t find the right towing company to do it, or if your battery suddenly dies while you’re out on the road and need to replace it ASAP, call us now! We are your best bet in Houston if you need quick and efficient battery replacement services. Our technicians have been doing their jobs for years, so you don’t have to worry about safety concerns or anything like that. Plus, we’ll also take your old batteries for you so they can be properly disposed and recycled, no hassle.

Our services are highly affordable and we can easily reach you within 30 minutes upon calling us. We guarantee no call waiting and 100% customer satisfaction for all clients. In addition to this, all our servicemen, personnel, roadside experts, and technicians are all licensed and certified experts in their fields.

If you have any more questions regarding our services, feel free to call us now! We are open to any comments, questions, suggestions, and concerns from our valued customers. We also provide free estimates of our services to callers.

If you’ve recently availed of one of our battery replacement services, call us to give a review! We’d appreciate the support, and you can also help us to serve you even better.

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